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Refunktion is a collection of vintage, upcycled and handmade treasures from around the world. Pieces are curated for unique individuals with quality and style in mind. Founded in 2010, Refunktion pieces and materials have since been carefully sourced from New Orleans, New York, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Iceland and Maui. 

We believe the world needs to put forth greater efforts to restore our natural environment and improve human living conditions. We also believe it is our job as a business to provide a means for consumers to actualize this mission with us. To achieve these goals, Refunktion sources vintage pieces and fair trade fabrics rather than supporting sweatshops and mass production. In addition, with each purchase made, we plant a tree via Trees for the Future. Join us in our efforts to promote social and environmental improvements through sustainable fashion!

Refunktion Kimonos Maui Swap Meet

Meet the Creator:

Always the stylist, Caitlin Ahern has been designing since before she could walk. Seriously.  As a young girl, she studied her father as he drew architectural designs, hence her first drawings of houses at age 5 were birds' eye view perspective. She learned to sew through the UrbanCouture program at Grady High School in Atlanta, Georgia. Feeling drawn to pursue fashion design, but distraught over the mass production that dominates the market, she set out to find her own unique path in the industry. 

Caitlin Ahern portrait by Karim Iliya


While studying Sociology at Loyola University New Orleans, her life perspective greatly shifted, giving her a greater sense of creativity and social purpose. It was during this time that Refunktion was born. She studied microfinance and fairtrade production, interning with Build a Nest in New York City. After graduating she has lived in Cambodia and Maui, where she pursued and continues to pursue a path that integrates her love for social and environmental work with aesthetic creativity. She currently works as a designer, stylist, model, teacher, volunteer leader and more.